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The Selection Process

The yearly Peter Mackler Award Recipient is selected by the Mackler family – Camille and Lauren Mackler, Peter’s daughters, and Catherine Antoine, his widow – from a list of nominees presented by Reporters Without Borders researchers. These researchers work overseas and have a strong understanding of local situations in far away places.

We favor working journalists who have demonstrated a commitment to fairness, accuracy and speaking truth to power, and a matching commitment to asserting the right to publish or air that story in countries where independent media is under threat; this, without regard for their personal well-being.

The PMA Board of Advisors studies the list of nominees, and provides guidance and advice to the Mackler family who ultimately make the final decision. The board meets once a year for a round-table discussion.

Other criteria include whether the journalist has a leadership role among his community of colleagues; whether he/she has been rewarded before; whether he/she needs support because of immediate danger.

PMA supporters and other members of the public can submit names of reporters for consideration on the website at Submit a Nominee.

The Mackler family has created something of great importance, not only for the award’s recipients but for the nations where courageous reporters know their work is being followed and recognized abroadMarcus Brauchli