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2010 PMA Winner’s Offices Raided Again

September 3, 2010

The editorial offices of Russian opposition news magazine The New Times was again raided yesterday by police officers. Deputy Editor, and 2010 Peter Mackler Award recipient, Ilya Barabanov stated that “about five, some in masks and some armed, came to the office to carry out what they called ‘investigative actions’.” Reporters Without Borders condemned the raid. The organization stated that it “reiterates its support of the New Times and all of its staff, who have a record of doing major investigative stories on subjects of great public interest, the very essence of quality journalism.”

The magazine alerted several news organizations as the raid began, and Russian police colonel Stanlislav Pashkovsky was recorded as saying “we suggest that you voluntarily — voluntarily — give us the recordings of your interviews with the present and former OMON staff that took place prior to the publication of the article. If you refuse to do so, we will put this in writing now.” The magazine also posted video of the raid on its website. The New Times’ Editor in Chief Yevgenia Albats told the press she expects more raids and characterized the action as intidimidation of the independent press.

The New Time‘s deputy editor Ilya Barabanov was named winner of the 2010 Peter Mackler Award on August 22, 2010. He will receive the award at a ceremony at the National Press Club in Washington, DC on October 22, 2010.

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