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Jazeera journalist confident ahead of Egypt retrial

February 17, 2015

Egyptian journalist Baher Mohamed who was bailed after 411 days in jail said he is confident ahead of a retrial, in an interview aired Tuesday by his employer Al-Jazeera.

“There’s nothing to worry… There’s no evidence against us. I’m sure of that, we didn’t do anything wrong. So let’s wait and see,” he said. “I don’t think anything wrong will happen.”

Mohamed, a producer for the satellite news channel, and his colleague Mohamed Fahmy, a dual Egyptian-Canadian national, were freed last week pending their retrial, with a hearing set for February 23.

Their release came after an appeals court overturned jail terms of up to 10 years handed down by a lower court that convicted them and Australian colleague Peter Greste on charges of aiding the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood.

Greste has been deported to Australia and Fahmy, having renounced Egyptian citizenship to benefit from a new law that allows the deportation of foreign defendants, is pressing to be deported to Canada.

Mohamed said the worldwide campaign for the release of the three Al-Jazeera journalist had helped them cope with their incarceration.

“This is not for Baher, Peter and Mohammed, this is for a bigger cause. So that kept us strong, strong throughout the whole period,” he said.

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