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Egypt justice minister sacked after prophet remark: PM office

March 13, 2016

Egypt’s Prime Minister Sharif Ismail on Sunday sacked the justice minister after he said in a television interview that he would arrest even “a prophet”, a statement from the premier’s office said.

Ahmed al-Zind sparked outrage on social media after his remarks on Friday that he would imprison anyone “even if it’s a prophet, God’s peace and blessings be upon him,” using the Islamic saying of reverence spoken by Muslims only when referring to the Prophet Mohammed.

Upon realising what he had said, Zind immediately stopped and said: “I ask for forgiveness from God.” He later clarified in a separate interview that his remark was a mere “slip of the tongue”.

On Sunday, Ismail’s office said Zind had been removed.

“Prime Minister Sharif Ismail decided to dismiss justice minister Ahmed al-Zind from his post,” the statement said, but without giving the reason for the decision.

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