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Lithuania grants asylum to anti-Kremlin Russian journalist

July 11, 2018

Lithuania on Wednesday granted political asylum to anti-Kremlin journalist Yevgeni Titov, the latest Russian to receive refugee status in the Baltic EU state in recent years.

“The migration department has granted him asylum, namely refugee status”, the department’s chief Evelina Gudzinskaite told AFP.

Titov, 41, said he saw “strange people” following him and received death threats after writing articles about corruption involved in the construction of a bridge connecting annexed Crimea to mainland Russia.

“The latest incident happened on January 1 when I received a message from Russia on my Lithuanian cell phone claiming that this is my last year and that I will be killed for my pro-Ukrainian stance,” Titov told AFP.

More than 30 Russians have received political asylum in NATO and EU member Lithuania, a vocal critic of Moscow, since 2014, according to the migration department.

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