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Bloggers On Blogging’s 20th Anniversary

“My first blog post was on October 7, 1994. I was playing around with some scripts to do stuff on the web, which was new and I found fascinating. I started out timidly at first, to see what would happen, and quickly saw how powerful this was.”
These are the words of Dave Winer, an entrepreneur and software developer. The Guardian, UK, interviewed Winer, a blogging pioneer, as the communication tool celebrates its 20th anniversary.
With Winer, The Guardian’s Katie Rogers and Ruth Spenser spoke to two others: Meg Hourihan, the co-founder of, later acquired by Google, and Justin Hall, who in 1997 began publishing a personal website – Justin’s Links from the Underground.
Replying the question if she thought blogging was dead, Hourihan said, “Blogging will persist the way other literary forms persist. I can imagine we’ll see articles about a resurgence in blogging in a few years, with people wondering if the post-Twitter generation now has a longer attention span.” She added, “What’s amazing is that we’ve seen the explosion of citizen access to tools formerly reserved for journalists and scribes.”
Hall said that blogging specifically contributed to the knowledge commons and public information in contrast to email, which was largely meant for a private audience. He said, “Not all blogging is explicitly for the knowledge commons, but it’s usually some kind of self-expression or performance of personal identity that is accessible to a broader audience.”
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