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Freedom Of The Press Foundation’s Fight To Protect Journalists From Eveasdroppers

Even as the past week saw at new developments to curb NSA’s surveillance programmes to mass collect metadata of phone call records and content of personal communications via the internet, journalists threatened by government agencies to use phone records to trace their sources of information, are developing new tools to outwit the spies.
Among them is Freedom of the Press Foundation (FPF) that is improving encryption tools by crowd-funding it. According to the PBS blog MediaShift, tools include the TOR Project, Tails, RedPhone and TextSecure, and LEAP Encryption Access Project.
“[i]ncreasingly, law enforcement doesn’t need to have journalists testify in court because they could get a secret subpoena to look at their phone records and metadata. So what we need from journalists now to protect sources are new tools that can head off that kind of surveillance as well as reforming the laws that allow that kind of surveillance to happen,” said Josh Stearns, a board member of FPF in conversation with MakeShift’s Denise Lu.
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