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Crackdown on media continues in Egypt

July 10, 2013

Media freedom in Egypt remains at risk as the military-backed interim government continued cracking down on the press and TV stations perceived sympathetic to the Muslim Brotherhood-run government of deposed President Mohammed Morsi. Violence on the night of July 8 which left 51 dead, included a photojournalist from the newspaper Al-Horreya-Wal-Adalah, Ahmed Samir Assem El-Senoussi who was covering the protests.
International media freedom monitors Reporters without Borders (RSF) and the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) have expressed concern. RSF’s statement called on “interim authorities to immediately cease arbitrary censorship, arrests of media personnel and denial of access to information. They must respect their own road map and must quickly establish a civilian and democratic government that ensures that everyone, without political distinction, enjoys fundamental freedoms, including the right to information.”
Dispatches from AFP concerning freedom of information, censorship and news coverage in regions where independent media is under threat.