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Ninety Percent Americans Approve Of Internet’s Impact

February 28, 2014

As the Web celebrates its 25thanniversary in March, the Pew Research Centre has published the first of four reports on the Web at 25 in the US. While Pew has tracked the explosive growth in the adoption of the internet from 1995, this new report looks at the level of internet penetration today and Americans’ responses to its impact on their lives.
The report found that 87% Americans use the internet with “near-saturation usage among those living in households earning $75,000 or more (99%), young adults ages 18-29 (97%), and those with college degrees (97%). Fully 68% of adults connect to the internet with mobile devices like smartphones or tablet computers.”

The answer as to the overall impact of the internet was “90% of internet users say the internet has been a good thing for them personally and only 6% say it has been a bad thing, while 3% volunteer that it has been some of both.”
Asked as to its social impact, “76% of internet users say the internet has been a good thing for society, while 15% say it has been a bad thing and 8% say it has been equally good and bad,” the report observed.
The results in this report, a collaborative effort by Lee Rainie and Susannah Fox of the Pew Research Internet Project, are based on data from telephone interviews conducted by Princeton Survey Research Associates International from January 9-12, 2014, among a sample of 1,006 adults, age 18 and older.
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