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Southeast Asia: Expanding Economies, But Stifled Media

October 15, 2013
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An article in Global Voices Online reviews briefly media freedom in certain Southeast Asian countries. Titled ‘Dictatorships Are Gone, But Censorship Hangs On,’ it highlights continuing media repression in some countries in the region despite their reputation for rapid economic expansion.
There is a school of thought that expanding economies like in the ASEAN countries with relatively equitable distribution of wealth strengthens the middle classes. The middle class in turn demands political freedom and other fundamental rights. While the economic upturn in the region did fuel this process to some extent, as the author Mong Palatino says, there are certain sectors where the old ways remain. 
“Both off and online, censorship is still enforced in several countries through the use of draconian laws and strict media regulation. Media groups have consistently decried certain controversial laws and regulations as tools of media repression in Vietnam, Thailand, the Philippines, Singapore, and Myanmar,” he writes
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